Help Me Choose: DVR

A DVR or digital video recorder functions a lot like a VCR, except it uses a hard drive to record, as opposed to videotapes. This means that there aren't any tapes to cue, and there is more recording time available.

Below are a few technical terms you may need to know before selecting your DVR.

Channels:The Number of available recording inputs for cameras to be used.

HDD (hard Drive):The more hard drive space, the more video hours you can record. Measured usually in GB ( GigaBite )

Remote Network Access ( LAN):Allows user to view the video at locations away from where the DVR is. This is done over the Internet using a web browser or Factory Software.

DVDRW ( DVD Writer):Allows you to burn the recorded video onto a DVD.

Video format H.264:The latest in compression technology used today for digital multimedia recording.

NTSC / PAL :NTSC is the standard TV signals used in USA. PAL is the standard TV signals used in UK.

3G Mobile: Allows User to live preview the video via mobile phone based on Windows Mobile, Symbian S60 3rd, and iPhone both locally and remotely.